Be with you

A               C#m
   Savior of my soul
I confide in you
        A              D
Through all my darkest moment
   Bm            E
In you I find my peace
   C#m              F#m
My comfort when I'm weak
I trust in You
        B                E   E7
through storm and raging sea

A                      C#m
   Faithful, You're my God
You're the Glory and
    A            D
the Lifter of my head
     Bm                E
Your light it fills my days
   C#m              F#m
It leads me in Your ways
   Bm       B              E   E7
Forever I surrender all to You

      A               C#m
And I live to worship You
   F#m              Em           A
My Jesus You're the only one for me
             D              E
Nothing will ever take Your place
            C#m    F#m
My precious Savior
Bm               B
Who can stand between my Lord
    E   E7
and me?

       A             C#m
Lord I live to honor You
And I long to bring
   Em          A
my life an offering
        D       E         C#m    F#m
Take me higher,   draw me deeper
  Bm          E       A
I give all to be with You

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