Trust His heart

Intro: F#m B E B E                       F#m All things work for our good        B                      E Though sometimes we can’t see how they could G#m                      C#m Struggles that break our heart in two A                         B Sometimes blinds us to the truth E                     F#m Our father knows what best for us B            G#      C#m His […]

Change my heart / Ubah hatiku

Intro: Dm G C F C                   Dm  G             C Change my heart o God, make it ever true                   Dm  G             C Change my heart o God, may I be like You             Am     F         C You are the Potter, I am the clay              Am      D               G Mold me and make me, this […]

Satu hal yang kurindukan / Deeper in love

Intro: D A Bm G Em A D – A   D             F#m         G Satu hal yang kurindukan ya Tuhan G F#m   Em       A          D  D7       Selalu berada di dekatMu   G              A     F#m            Bm Dengan seg’nap hati, dengan s’luruh jiwa    Em         E      A  A7 Ku berdiam di hadiratMu         D     A           […]